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Sports, Fitness & Outdoor Living Weight loss problem! Give me advice!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by karonia, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. karonia

    karonia Junior Member

    Hi. From several years have problem with my overweight. I try with different diets, but without any result. Now I think to use a slimming product reductan. What do you think about my decision?
  2. Montana Lee

    Montana Lee Guest

    Hi There,
    I work for Steve Nash Sports Club in Richmond BC. Let me help you reach your fitness goals !! Please contact me for more information 604-273-5213 and ask for me directly ! Hope to hear from you soon :D
  3. Sonnyt

    Sonnyt New Member

    Forget about those products. Try a healthy way. Sport and exercise this is the solution on the problem!
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  4. Pietria

    Pietria New Member

    I know from my friend for this product, but do not know how it works. Good luck
  5. Ivonta

    Ivonta New Member

    Hello, for me reductan is a very good product. I use before a few weeks and I lost 8 kilograms. Now I feel very good. Reductan was able to help me.
  6. karonia

    karonia Junior Member

    Can you tell me how works reductan. I want to use and I want to know more for the product!
  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    It works by scamming you out of your money so your pockets will be lighter :p. In general, diet and weight loss pills have almost no regulation and can even be dangerous for your health. Many of them contain laxatives, appetite suppressants and stimulants. Hydroxycut was recalled by the FDA after being associated with liver damage.

    Here's what I found on another forum on Reductan:
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  8. ema

    ema Full Member

    If you've tried multiple diets and incorporating exercise into your life and you're not losing any weight. See if you can go see your doctor and ask for a blood test to see if your thyroid is functioning properly. Hope that helps!
  9. ForeignButNot

    ForeignButNot Junior Member

    I wouldn't do pills! Definitely check out your hormone levels and thyroid!
  10. Ivonta

    Ivonta New Member

    For me reductan acted as suppresses hunger and increases metabolism. This is its prime action.
  11. karonia

    karonia Junior Member

    Hello, have you had problems with side effects?
  12. Ivonta

    Ivonta New Member

    I haven't had problems with side effects. I feel very good!
  13. karonia

    karonia Junior Member

    For me reductan, this is really a very good product. For a 7-week period I lost 10 pounds. Very good result for me
  14. Starve. Binge and purge. Overexercise.
    Those are the best ways to lose weight.

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