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Fashion & Beauty Vancouver Hair School asks if you're Born To Style? until 1st Mar 2013

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rob campbell, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. rob campbell

    rob campbell New Member

    Aveda Institute's Vancouver Hair School seeks young people who believe they were
    Born To Style http://borntostyle.ca
    and are passionate enough to make a video that evidences talent worthy of free tuition!

    You can have a look at what has already been submitted here, http://www.borntostyle.ca/rateentries/displayallvideos/

    All submission are graded according to the following criteron
    Complete and professionally presented
    Thoughtful and authentic
    Candidate demonstrates knowledge of the Aveda Mission

    VIDEO /10
    Boldness and clarity of artistic vision
    Originality and creativity
    Demonstrates candidate is fashion forward and understands the Aveda mission
    Overall Impression

    Applications on the Born To Style website must be completed before March 01, 2013.


    Aveda Institute Canada is giving away over $65,000 in hairstyling scholarships! The winning candidates will receive the grand prize of full tuition at one of our top hair schools in Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg, and in Vancouver.
    In Vancouver,
    There is one (1) grand prize of $11,000.00 tuition at Aveda Institute Vancouver,
    There is one (1) second prize valued at $1,500.00 off tuition.
    There is one (1) third prize valued at $1,000.00 off tuition.
    There is one (1) fourth prize valued at $500.00 off tuition.
    There is one (1) fifth prize valued at $500.00 off tuition at Vancouver Aveda Institute.

    Follow along on social media,

    Like the Aveda Institute Vancouver Facebook Page, and follow @Aveda604 on Twitter.
  2. rob campbell

    rob campbell New Member

  3. Aveda

    Aveda Guest

    The Born To Style submission deadline has been extended to 11:59pm March 17, 2013.

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