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Transit Jobs NOW!!! Coast Mountain Bus is HIRING!

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by Superchecker, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    FYI: Hi Gang; just thought I should let you know I'll be out of the country for much of May; our 1st overseas adventure!!

    Feel free to continue to post any questions; or help others out in any way you can.

    I have seen "TRAINING BUSES" again this past week; and I know of at least a half dozen Ops who have, or are in the process, of retiring over the next few weeks.
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  2. macrider

    macrider New Member

    I went in for my fitting and the lady was mentioning 16 more conventional coming in today for sizing!!!!
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  3. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Looking for "Office" jobs to get your foot in the door? Coast Mountain Bus is in need of more "Clerical Relief Pool" staff, starting at $20 an hour range.

    SkyTrain/"BCRTC" is in need of a "Rail Operations Clerk" in the $27 an hour range.

    Good Luck!
  4. EternalLuck

    EternalLuck New Member

    Just got shortlisted. Scheduled for my English comprehension and customer service test. Any tips?
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  5. Ray

    Ray Guest

    Same here got shortlisted, any tips would be much appreciated. I'm also planning to be asking questions to the drivers near my metrotown bus loop station to see what they have to say.

    I'm wondering though if everything goes smoothly how long would the process take till you actually get the offer and start working? Talking about a successful application in general, so please don't say coulds or shoulds etc. Thanks!
  6. Mercy

    Mercy Guest

    Take your time and read it. Don't be the first guy out. Go over it and catch any mistakes you may have made. I personally made a couple mistakes and was able to catch them on the read threw.
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  7. Mercy

    Mercy Guest

    I'm starting my first day of revenue training tomorrow. Four hours or so with an instructor and one of my class mates. Feeling nervous but confident. We'll see how tomorrow goes I suppose :)
  8. Awesome

    Awesome Guest

    I have a panel interview coming up, any suggestions or tips? I am super nervous!
  9. Awesome

    Awesome Guest

    The English Comprehension was very simple, as long as you read through the passage and answers.
    The customer service test was slightly more challenging.
    My tip is to read through the passages and the answers two -three times before answering.

    my 2 cents.
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  10. Driver

    Driver New Member

    ^Everything is about safety and being nice/reasonable over strictly following rules.

    I just passed the driving assessment. What kind of questions do they ask your references? One of my supervisors from just under five years ago didn't even remember me, but they insisted on including him. :/
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  11. Driver

    Driver New Member

    Not exactly an active thread but can anyone tell me how long it takes for them to check references...? Going on a week now.
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  12. H23

    H23 New Member

    The reference check was one of the longest waits for me mostly because it was hard to get a hold of a certain reference, I want to say it took 3-4 weeks for me, but it should be quicker for you if your references are readily available.
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  13. Driver

    Driver New Member

    Thanks. I talked to them all recently but at least two of them are the types that wouldn't exactly hurry to call them back if they got voicemail. And one that they insisted on didn't even remember me, as mentioned. A bit awkward.
  14. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Hello, the hiring process can take months. I would say 4 to 6 months on average. Occasionally longer or quicker depending on how many trainees they need every 2 weeks.
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  15. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Hello from London!

    Just noticing two items worth mentioning:

    CMBC has reposted the Conventional Transit Operator Trainee posting once again.

    And, SeaBus is increasing service as of May 19 to every 15 minutes everyday, until 9pm! Joining the Frequent Transit Network.

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  16. MunchMunch

    MunchMunch Junior Member

    Before giving References out, you should have called your References and talked to them first and give them a heads up that Translink HR will call them and what to expect.
  17. Driver

    Driver New Member

    I did that. That's how I found out one of them didn't remember me. I didn't want to include him but CMB insisted on all supervisors from the last 5 years, and he barely qualified, but we never worked the same shift.
  18. Ramanjit Bains

    Ramanjit Bains New Member

    Hi Everyone I'm new here. I had medical on May 1. Haven't received any email or phone. I'm bit worried after medical do they email you even if u r not passed or only email if you pass or what? Please please let me know
  19. macrider

    macrider New Member


    Welcome!!! I'm new here as well but for me it took 2 weeks if I remember correctly to get a call back!!! Not to worry
  20. Kr6505

    Kr6505 Full Member

    Hello!! Congrats!! Not to worry I think mine took 2 weeks as well. At this stage you pretty much got the job. The longest part I had to wait for was waiting for the next class to put me in. I think I waited a month and a half for the next class, waiting is the worst!! This message is for Ramajit!

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