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Students To go to BCIT or not, That is the question!

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by vancity7, May 20, 2011.

  1. vancity7

    vancity7 New Member

    Okay, so I'm wanting to go to BCIT for either the program, xray tech, or ultrasound tech.
    I'm soo undecided! what are your thoughts? i'm also not living in vancouver anymore, im out in the okanagon, so i'm a little nervous on moving back.
    If I were to go into nursing I was thinking of going to my local University for the program,
    however, the xray, and ultrasound programs really interest me.
    Any opinions, or advice would be much appreciated!:)
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Well both programs will allow you to get decent paying jobs. I think the starting wage at St. Paul's is around $27-$28/hour for techs. FYI, the Michener Institute in Ontario often has equivalent programs to BCIT that are shorter in length (eg: only requires 1 year to complete vs. 2 years at BCIT). I'm not sure if there are any provincial licensing differences but it may be worth checking out if you don't mind moving to the T Dot.

    There's a higher earning potential as an RN, but the program is also longer in duration compared to BCIT. Not sure how well known the nursing program at UBC:O is but BCIT is well regarded here (even above UBC).

    This is a bit of a thread hijack but since you're from the Okanagan, could you comment on the cost of living in the area? Housing costs, food costs, accessibility of UBC:O and the hospital, etc. I might be moving there for school so it'd be nice to have an idea of what to expect.
  3. vancity7

    vancity7 New Member

    Yeah, like I just finished my first year of my BA degree, and doing summer courses, so i dont know if i should finish my degree
    and then apply for the tech programs, or if i should do my upgrading and apply for the nursing program here, but by the time i do that it will be 2013
    cause i wont be able to apply till then, and i could technically be in my 3rd year of ym BA degree, and could apply for the tech programs, so i dont know what to do!! :(
    like i dont want to be wasting my money right now

    it all depends, obviously on campus would be more expensive, but you can get a room for about 400-500, and a 1 bedroom appartment for 800ish,
    it's always better to find roomate(s) to make everything cheaper. Food is about the same price anywhere you go, and i do believe there is a bus route for UBCO
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I know how it feels, we have to make all these career-related decisions while in school without a concrete idea of what those jobs are actually like day to day. Since you are ambivalent, try to find job shadowing opportunities or at least read up on each profession and see which one you like more.

    An efficient path would be to do nursing for now and if you don't like it, apply for BCIT. With nursing programs, you get clinical exposure early on so you'd be able to tell quickly whether or not it's for you. The other option would be much longer if suddenly decide that you want to be a nurse.

    More expensive than I figured :(. How much is it per month on campus?
  5. vancity7

    vancity7 New Member

    because like, i could technicially be done my 3rd year out of 4 when it time for me to apply for the nursing program, so its almost like i should just finish my degree and then go into a technician program, or else it just seems like ive wasted my money if i wait to apply for the nursing program then i end up doing 7-8 years of school, seems ridiculous to me. Either way i want to be in the medical field, and ive heard BCIT is a good school since theyhave so many job opportunities for students.

    Campus is like 5,000 at my school
  6. isabelle

    isabelle Guest

    hi!!! i wonder did u go to BCIT?? cuz im also in Okanagan, and now im thinking of going to BCIT. i m just start my BA degree here. but now i think does it waste my time and money to take this degree if i can get a good job after 2-year studying in BCIT?? should i still finish my degree here or i just go to BCIT to study some Aircraft programs?? i hope sb. can give me some suggestions.:)
  7. raypark

    raypark New Member

    As I am a student at BCIT, BCIT is good for your job. However, if you want to study more, university is better than BCIT. If you have more question, just text me 778-866-5321
  8. karebear

    karebear Guest

    I'm selling an ultrasound business. It's perfect for a Sonographer to be your own Boss. We train!
  9. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Don't radiologists usually own private imaging businesses?

    It would be a weird dynamic to have a radiologist whose boss is the rad tech.

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