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Students The 99.6% Average UBC Bachelor of Science Grad

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by milquetoast, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    This is ridiculous, but mad props.

  2. ema

    ema Full Member

    Omg, I thought I was genius with my 100% in French 8-12. But goodness, that's extremely wow.

    I'm speechless. Congrats to him!
  3. 6u-huo.l.uV

    6u-huo.l.uV Moderator Staff Member

    haha. for some reason, he doesn't look happy. like my friend said, he's probably thinking about the other 0.4%
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Maybe he's worried about what his parents will do. Asians don't round up.
  5. chuey603

    chuey603 Junior Member

    My mom definitely would have asked me where the 0.4% went .... but good on him!!

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