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Some useful tricks for the new forum

Discussion in 'Questions and Feedback' started by Forum Vancouver, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Forum Vancouver

    Forum Vancouver Administrator Staff Member

    Managing account information (privacy, avatars, signatures, alerts, notifications etc) - http://www.forumvancouver.com/account/
    Hover over your name on the top right area of every page and a drop down menu should pop up where you can manage your settings.​
    Statuses and avatars can alternatively be changed on your profile page, see below for more details.​

    Managing your privacy settings here (very important) - http://www.forumvancouver.com/account/privacy
    Can be accessed as per above, but this is important enough for me to stress on its own.​

    Catch up on the latest forum activity
    Triggering alerts without quote showing up
    With this new forum system, members get alerted when they are quoted. However, when you're quoting a post that's immediately before yours, they can create a lot of clutter.​

    What you can do is click reply and clear out the text between the quote tags. This creates less clutter but the member is still gets alerted.​

    For example, if you were to quote this post, you would use the following:​

    [quote="Forum Vancouver, post: 3283"][/quote]

    Page scrolling
    For threads with many pages or on the member page.​
    Click the arrows between the page numbers :)

    Accessing profile pages
    Hover over your name on the top right and click either your picture, name or "Your Profile Page"​
    OR click on an avatar in a post to open the contact card, then click the picture, name or "Profile Page"​
  2. ema

    ema Full Member

    Oh oops.
    BTW to change your avatar...CLICK ON YOUR USERNAME at the top right corner.
    **Oh how stupid of me there's an arrow -.-

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