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Other SocialShopper Coupon Codes

Discussion in 'Deals & Flyers' started by milquetoast, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. milquetoast Senior Member

    I recently found out that http://www.socialshopper.com has been offering coupon codes since about November 2012. The coupons are usually posted on their facebook page or in the banner on their main page!

    Enter it during check out where it says "Have a Gift Card or Coupon?" and "Enter code here".

    love5 - $5 off any purchase over $29
    snake8 - $8 off any purchase over $59

    box15 - $15 off any purchase over $89
    box10 - $10 off any purchase over $59
    box5 - $5 off any purchase over $29
    gift5 - $5 off any purchase over $29
    cyber5 - $5 off any purchase over $29
  2. esaery Guest

    egg5 - $5 off purchase of $29 or more. the coupons work even if the order is just $29 i tried it
  3. peter20 New Member

    I've bought a few groupons before & now this social shopper coupon, and for every .... Hi Tina, just FYI, I checked my account again and got the voucher code.
  4. milquetoast Senior Member

  5. milquetoast Senior Member

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