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Tech samsung galaxy s6 phone case

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sophine, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. sophine

    sophine New Member

    It is also worth mentioning that actually cheap samsung galaxy s6 phone case can give you decrease protection by preventing through dropping the phone in the first place. Lots of phones have particularly slick backs, and a good situation can add a bit of grip to maintain it from sliding from your hand and onto the actual concrete. It still isn't very as good as getting a quality circumstance, but it's better than heading naked. Protection for More Than Simply Cosmetics: Even if you don't worry about the occasional scratch or even destroyed back, there's more for your phone than that. A few phones (like the iPhone) have a camera lens get rid of with the back, meaning the much more prone to scratches along with other damage-which can make your pictures look pretty awful. You can also damage one of the buttons on the phone, which would make it really a hassle to use than just a couple of scratches.

    That said, even if you not necessarily obsessive about the little scrapes on your phone, many people are-and while dropping your cell phone without a case may not crack it, it will create small nicks and scratches in your phone that will lower the particular resale value. Putting a event on your phone is one of the good ways to upgrade to your next telephone for free-so if you market your phones instead of maintaining them around, a best cell phone cases could be a great idea. While there's always a spat to make for "individuality", an instance can also make you stand out within a practical way. Next time if you're at a social gathering, count number the number of people with the same mobile phone as you in the room. Now think about non-e of those people had instances on their phones, and remaining them on the table or countertop (as so many people do). Have a great time finding your phone inside a sea of identical apple iphones. After trying out most of the iphone cover currently on the market.
  2. Bill

    Bill Full Member

    It is as if you are writing an essay for school.

    Cell phone cases, online, I'll get them from Amazon.ca. They are cheap cases, $5 - $15, with absolutely free shipping, no minimum (not the free shipping with $25 purchase).

    I prefer brick & mortar stores, Best Buy, Walmart, London Drugs, but most are branded and "expensive".

    Would be willing to try small brick & mortar stores selling cheap cases - under $15.
  3. Stuntman

    Stuntman Full Member

    Prior to my current phone, I generally don't use cases. One of the reasons is that two of my previous smartphones had a landscape slider keyboard. I have never seen any cases for these particular phones. The slide mechanism presents a challenge to making a phone case that won't interfere with the sliding keyboard.

    My last phone was a Galaxy S3. I didn't use a case on it because I used an extended battery. It came with a different back plate which made the phone twice as thick as normal. Case makers do not make cases for this phone when using a third party extended battery and back plate.

    Not having a case for my previous phones was not a concern for me. The Nokia N97 was like a Timex watch. It takes a licking and keep on ticking (figuratively). I've dropped it from a height of 10' onto cement and it survived. My next phone, HTC Desire Z, had a 3' drop and survived. The Galaxy S3 didn't have any significant drops save for one of a few inches. I had a nick on the front screen, but it was not noticeable as it was close to the corner.

    I have a case on my current phone, Nexus 6P. I found that this phone is harder to handle due to its large size. I'm not so confident keeping a good grip on this phone compared to my previous ones. I actually like the feel of the phone in a case.

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