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Robin Stickley's head twitch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by redtide, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. redtide

    redtide Guest

    what's with the twitch.........read the news without the head theatrics
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    she's not bad with reading the news though. what do you all think of tamara taggart and mike killen replacing pamela martin and bill good?? tamara looks hot, especially at 42. looks way better in person too.

    though, i've heard that she's a stuck up b*tch off air. a bunch of people that went to burnaby north high school with her allege that she was a tramp.

  3. One day she will get what she deserves for defaming me.
  4. P Chen

    P Chen Guest

    I prefer Keri Adams any time.
  5. dave

    dave Guest

    I agree - whats with the head twitch? she thinks she's 'all that' - don't care for her at all.
  6. Hottie

    Hottie Guest

    Robin Stickley is hot. Total MILF in my books!



  7. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... robin's fans are grateful that she gave it up and did the sexy photo shoot!
  8. scottie

    scottie Guest

    japanese newscaster porn would look great on her
  9. Mac

    Mac Guest

    The "twitch" that Robin does, is set up (as far as I know) as a pre-indicator for the "audience" so that they know a clip is incoming.

    She isn't doing it for "theatrics".

    In my opinion, she is a great broadcaster. Just enough humour to carry a newcast, and she doesn't it ham it up so much (Like Mark Driesechen).
  10. pingu68

    pingu68 Guest

  11. Brett

    Brett Guest

    Thank you Global, I missed her so much, I am glad to see her back on Global National, you cured my ED I think I need some screen cleaner. Getting her breasts done was the best investment ever!
    Now I will better informed by listening to the news...but watching Robin is heaven:) Again Thank You! !
    the mechanic likes this.
  12. marshal

    marshal New Member

    The "twitch" that Robin does, is set up (as far as I know) as a pre-indicator for the "audience" so that they know a clip is incoming.
    the mechanic likes this.
  13. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    my fav is Kristy Gordon. i like her cause i can tell shes smart. im always happy to see her do the weather. wish she would do a little investigative reporting tho. i think shed be aces. also Jill Kropp on, dang cant remember just now but she does that live global show after the news. smart as a whip, nothing gets by her.
    the mechanic likes this.
  14. lmt1980

    lmt1980 Guest

    Robin is my fave on the news I enjoy watching her and she is good at what she does:))
    I'm not a fan of kristi at all.
  15. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... i really like the way the networks have a star system, not unlike the star system the old hollywood movie studios had. there's no question, robin is definitely one of their SUPERSTARS!
  16. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    Never seen a head twitch from her. She's fine. (not in the sleazy sense of the word)

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