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Entertainment Real Housewives of Vancouver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. :-P

    :-P Guest

    Vancouver is a gold mine. And I love to go digging.
  2. Linda-Rae

    Linda-Rae Guest

    Yes, totally. The two are game for anything. Mia represents the 'least common denominator' in all aspects of a person--no focus, no aspirations, no proactive ideas, and only an entitled sense of self. She reminds me of a 2 year old who needs to be trained/disciplined. She actually has no confidence in herself alone. She is reactive to everything. A thought can't even be seen to fruition in her brain--and all the drugs she does do not help her. Coke anyone?
    If she did not have all her money, she would be living on East Hastings all junked up because she even lacks Christina's resourcefulness. Christina is focused, she knows what she wants, she knows where she's been and she will get it---if it takes longer than usual it will look rather pathetic. Christina took advantage of Mia--she was a predator--which is natural to her.
  3. Shannon

    Shannon Guest

    I LOVE Chrsitina, I just did an avatar picture of her on IMVU's outfit challenge... The theme is "gold digger" lol Mary, whom I also Love, should continue with her singing carrer b/c he is an awesome singer! Jodi :)poop:) and all her fur? I think someone should throw a can of paint at her, and leave the lid on!! :whistle: :jump:
  4. ~ShaNazL~

    ~ShaNazL~ Guest

    Oh, and Ronnie is even more of a biznach than Mia! (Ronnie was my least fav,) How could she be friends with someone who constantly puts down her "supposed" best coolie, Mary? She takes all of her aggresive energy out on her. I think they've had a very close friendship in the past, but you know, we all "vent" to/on ppl who we think will still love us no matter what...I hope they work things out tho and maybe, for Ronnie, it's time for a different type of "rehab" (?) Her drinking is starting to affect the closest people around her, in my humble opinion...Still Loved all the shows though, I'm a Vancouver Housewives addict! And I don't Hate Ronnie as much as I used to, she did a good thing for all of them to have that last "talk" on the show. I give her props for That, but that's about it...
  5. MikeGillis33

    MikeGillis33 Junior Member

    A lot of people are suggesting Reiko is married to Sun News Lal aka Bindy Johals partner. But if he is really connected to the underworld wouldn't you think he' keep his wife a way from the spotlight?

    Just a thought

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