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Arts & Culture NIGHT MARKET!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ema, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. BabyXtee

    BabyXtee New Member

    Night Market looks a lot better this year. I miss the bubble waffle guy though =[
  2. tigerlava

    tigerlava New Member

    use to love the knock off items :oops:
  3. cdnjetgirl

    cdnjetgirl New Member

  4. Malakaiii

    Malakaiii New Member

    Agreed... the food there is awesome! And there is lots to see. :)
  5. Chachi

    Chachi New Member

    Is the night market in Richmond bigger than the one in Vancouver?
  6. MysticH

    MysticH New Member

    I'm not sure if it's bigger, but the food is better in my opinion.
  7. soula05

    soula05 New Member

    Yes I agree. I ate a lot of the food there, including some fried squid, chicken and beef skewers, and some Takoyaki.
  8. jonessoda

    jonessoda New Member

    The lizard rescue people were fantastic. Those things were huge!
  9. sabie

    sabie New Member

    don't think its bigger, but there are different vendors.. i agree the lizards were great!
  10. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Lizards... Huh?

    What happened to him? He's like a nightmarket landmark, it's not the same without him.
  11. tl123x

    tl123x New Member

  12. empeysa50

    empeysa50 New Member

    this sounds unreal! can't wait to check it out!
  13. vball996

    vball996 New Member

    love the food
  14. klam

    klam New Member

    Food may appear to be cheap, but $20 of sampling doesn't really get you much
  15. VBPOE

    VBPOE Guest

    The food is great at the night market this year.
  16. truffles

    truffles New Member

    this is a great place to take out of town guests who have never been to an Asian night market before--the atmosphere is something to be experienced!
  17. oxydius

    oxydius New Member

    This market is awesome every year!
  18. gunpundun

    gunpundun New Member

    i think they need a better location for the night market....is just too crowded....lose my appetite after squeezing through all these ppl
  19. Nemo

    Nemo New Member

    The night market has a lot more stalls this year. The food isn't that good though. However, it seems like there are a lot more excitement.
  20. jask

    jask New Member

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