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Motherf*ckin Mack Strikes Again!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alexi, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. alexi

    alexi New Member

    *** The latest from Alexi Wildman - Creator of "Main Street Massacre" ***

    Well, I did say MSM wouldn't be my last game ...

    Even if you hated MSM and thought it was disgusting, you might appreciate this one:

    In retaliation for TransLink shutting down MSM (and to further develop my character, Mack) - I created a game called "Skee Bus". It's like the carnival game "Skee Ball", but on a much larger scale - with a hijacked bus. Compass Card errors ... trigger Mack this time around. Greater emphasis on humour than raw shock value for this one. Oh, and it's a 2 player game with (at least some) actual gameplay.

    I have an entire website online now, including other games - along with some editorial and background about myself. I've also addressed a few social issues besides transit (pipelines and tailing ponds, namely) ... in my own *ahem* unique style.


    Have Fun!

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