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Tech Mobilicity Vancouver launch in November confirmed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    It's best to report what phone you are using whenever you comment on reception. A lot of the time, poor reception can be attributed to a crappy handset. Wind got a lot of bad rep because some of the Huawei models they were pushing were absolutely brutal with reception. The AWS frequency spectrum also has worse building penetration than 850 mhz so this compounds the poor reception affect. I think people need to be more reasonable with their expectations, these are new network carriers setting up new towers. It hasn't even been a few weeks for Mobi. Fido reception was crappy up until they were bought out by Rogers.

    Data seems to be getting better for me (albeit still quite slow) and GPS is now working on my Nokia 5230. The important thing to keep in mind is that Mobi doesn't seem to be charging for roaming yet, so even if Rogers is the only network your phone picks up it shouldn't matter since you're not paying anything extra while they set up their network fully.
  2. Edc

    Edc Guest

    I think you are over reacting. Just because you don;t have coverage for 5 min, it doesn't mean that you are not safe. You don;t need to be attached to a cell phone 100%, in order to feel protected. All people riding the skytrian from around Terminal to Waterfront lose reception. In case you have not noticed, you are underground, so is Canada line, you are in a tunnel. Helooooooo lady !
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Mobilicity had scheduled maintenance on Monday. Can't say what they did during that time, but I now get intermittent Mobi signal at ANSO (past the Chan Centre) at UBC. Data seems the same, decent when it works but crappy when it doesn't, which is a lot of the time.

    Here are some things that you might want to try to improve data speeds, consistency and web browsing. Note that most people have reported removing the proxy decreases their data speeds, but makes the connection more consistent. Try it out and if it doesn't work well for you just reverse the change.

    1. Use a different DNS
    Primary DNS address:​
    Secondary DNS address:​

    Primary address:​
    Secondary address:​

    Instructions for Symbian (Nokia 5230):​
    Settings > Connectivity > Destinations > Internet > MoWAP > Options > Advanced Settings > Network Type > DNS Addresses​

    Tap on automatic, pick user defined and enter the IP addresses for either Google DNS or OpenDNS listed above.​

    2. Remove the proxy (blank out the settings below)
    Factory Proxy Settings

    Proxy server address:​
    Proxy port number: 8080​

    Instructions for Symbian (Nokia 5230):​
    Settings > Connectivity > Destinations > Internet > MoWAP > Options > Advanced Settings​

    Set proxy server address to none and proxy port number to 0.​
  4. yvruser

    yvruser New Member

    Buddy, my Rogers phone works underground...in the tunnel. 5 min? I'm talking about the whole stretch from Waterfront to Marine. The reason why parents are buying their kids cellphones is for that reason, emergency use. Unless you have kids yourself, I wouldn't comment any further. Mobilicity and Wind is not for everyone. You get what you pay for. Low cost, low quality.
  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Promo extended once again until December 24, 2010, though I'm sure this is not the last time you'll see the deal.


    Just in time for the holidays, Mobilicity brings you two great plans and extras at a great discounted price. Enjoy Savings that will last you well past the holiday season! But hurry, this offer is only available to purchase until December 24, 2010!

    To find out how you can take advantage of this great deal, speak with a rep in-store or call 1-877-8MOBIL8.
  6. mobiseeker

    mobiseeker Guest

    that 40/month plan looks awesome but how long do you get it for 3-6-9 12 months ? or is it just for your first month ?
  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    ^You get that price until you cancel the service, switch phone numbers or when Mobi goes out of business.
  8. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    Once my mom's Telus contract expires in 3 months we switching to Mobilicity for family plan.
  9. Jack

    Jack Guest

    What do you mean by Moblicity picking up the tab for your sms or mms or something like that? Is it free if I make a call and I'm not in a moblicity zone. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm looking into buying the blackberry bold 9700 from them. Thank you.
  10. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  11. Nadia

    Nadia Guest

    No, Please, I did sign a contact with Mobilicity the service the phone they have is not good at all, they have awuful Customer relationship, when you call them you hardly get help, and the reception and service is BAD BAD BAD. I WILL CLOSE MY DEAL WITH THEM.
  12. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Service has been spotty for me lately. Anyone else experiencing the following:

    1. Calls not going through
    2. Texts and calls not being received
    3. Texts get sent in duplicate two or even three times
  13. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    Cheese which plan you're on?
  14. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The $40 unlimited talk and data using the Nokia 5230. I've been meaning to do a speed test via tether but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  15. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    My mom just signed up Mobilicity's $25 plan. She chose to pay for a year, which comes out to around $16/month. I was going to switch over so we can get $5 off as a family, but they wouldn't let me add the $40 plan cause it's a promotion.

    cheeseshredder I think you're the admin in disguise.
  16. catteye

    catteye Guest

    I signed up for the 40 dollars unlimited plan in December, and the service has been very disappointing. I live in Hampton Place (UBC area), and it's absoluteey no news for me to lose signal out of the blue just sitting in my house, which happened numerous times. There were nights no matter what I do, including retsarting my phone, taking out battery+sim card to hardware reboot it, manually select network service from my phone (which actually has mobilicity showed up as an option) I would keep getting the message of not having a signal, or that my SIM card cannot register on the selected network.

    I have called mobilicity over dozen times within the last 3 weeks or so since I signed up for the service. And sadly 2 out of those 3 weeks I was travelling in the states, and a good portion of it I just flat out gave up on not having any service being in phoenix or new mexico (even tho according to their websites those area were still covered.) I've also been told mixed informations by their tech support when I got my call through. Some told me they're going to set up more towers, some said there's no such thing and all they can do is to make sure their tower works better/properly and not drop any service.... I honestly just don't have faith. And the saddest thing when I complained about losing signal in my place, I was told "we do not guarantee signal inside a building." Seriously? In an elevator or basement, perhaps... but I live on 6th floor, and was having no signal at all sitting right by my window, which has never happened for the last 10+ years of using all other cell phone service.

    Not to mention txt messaging, it has always been a joke since I started my service with them..just absolutely horrible. People probably receive my txt msg immediately 50% of time, the rest they either don't get it at all, or get them 10+ hours later.

    Overall I'm horribly disappointed and most likely would switch back to either fido or rogers soon as I spend enough time researching on which one has better plan that fits me...
  17. catteye

    catteye Guest

    Forgot to mention, my phone is Sony Ericsson X10i
  18. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    You should take advantage of the free Rogers roaming, though I'm not sure if you can pick CDN Roaming as the default though. From this map, it seems Mobilicity only has one core tower in the UBC area. SFU is a total deadzone. The reality is if you live in fringe area, you shouldn't switch to Wind or Mobilicity until they mature. It's a given that reception will suck.

    Edit: looooool check out this internal document from Rogers comparing themselves to Mobilicity. What a joke. I love how they fill it with inaccuracies and try to distort the definition of unlimited.


  19. ihaterogers

    ihaterogers Guest

    lol @ Rogers, that's pretty pathetic
  20. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    Rogers is totally pathetic. Also, mobile browsing is just stupid. Unlimited data is way better. What the hell is mobile browsing? I heard you're limited to certain websites.

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