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Entertainment Looking 4 a PROMOTER 2 put on "GREEN JELLY Concert/Gig!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Garrett Downz, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Garrett Downz

    Garrett Downz New Member

    I'm looking for a PROMOTER/SOMEONE who would like to put on a Rock Concert/Gig from Multi-Platinum Artists (4 Million Albums Sold WorldWide) " GREEN JELLY " who have had 2 major hits on their 1st album (Three Little Pigs & Electric Harley House Of Love).
    I'm Drummer not promoter which is why Im seeking someone that wants 2 make money & have fun before G.J. go on a 40 date EUROPEAN tour in October, The show would have to be SEPT.22.2013.
    Green Jelly keeps their Price to play LOW so MORE people go to the shows so more Liquor is sold,More tickets are sold so EVERYONES HAPPY!!!
    I have 2 Venue's that I can get, One holds (200 Capacity) the other (750 Capacity) of course it depends on which venue you would want to use, If you sold 87 Tickets at $15 Dollars each you BREAK EVEN and that CANNOT be hard at all,there are over 2 million people easily in Lower Mainland in B.C.
    So EMAIL me at garrettdownz@hotmail.com If anybody is interested in having a Fun Night with a Fun Band & MAKE MONEY as well!!!
    GREEN JELLY price is $1000 Dollars, Either Venue ($200 for 200 Capacity) or ($600 for 750 Capacity) Depends on where you would like the Show to be, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  2. Daisy

    Daisy New Member

    The media first heard of Don Karimazondo last November when he announced that he was bringing Bon Jovi to Kelowna. (Photo: Kelly Hayes)
    Bon Jovi promoter in hiding
    by Kelly Hayes - Story: 45633
    Mar 13, 2009 / 5:00 am
    The Bon Jovi concert gig didn't float and his boating business would also appear to be sunk -- leaving customers high-and-dry.

    The media first heard of Don Karimazondo last November when he announced that he was bringing Bon Jovi to Kelowna. After accepting thousands of dollars worth of ticket sales, Karimazondo admitted that his concert promotion was a dud.

    Karimazondo has apparently gone into hiding following news that his boat business on Ellis in Kelowna's north-end has closed. Karimazondo's services included boat storage and clients are coming forward with complaints.

    "I paid Karimazondo to look after my boat, to have it winterized and stored here until next season. Through a friend I found out the guy has disappeared," says Julian Axe. "I've heard rumors that he just couldn't make ends meet and couldn't make the rent here, so he's left everybody high and dry."

    Axe also alleges that Karimazondo has been over billing for services that were not included in his contract.

    "I've paid for storage for a few more months, and now I'll have to pay for it again. I paid up until the end of February and back in October, he started charging me again for the summer, which I was not expecting at all. I think he's charged me a lot more than what's agreed on for the maintenance/winterizing."

    Axe says the paper trail would indicate that Karimazondo was having money problems at the same time he launched his Bon Jovi fiasco.

    "It seemed to be about the same time as the Bon Jovi thing, so it seems as though he was trying to get that extra money from everybody for whatever reason."

    Despite having paid for storage, Axe and several other boat owners are scrambling to find another place to keep their boats.

    "As far as I know, the boats have to be moved because there is a new lease on the property here."

    Witnesses report seeing Karimazondo walking the streets of Kelowna as late as two weeks ago.

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