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Lily on Modern Family - Twins Ella Rose & Jaden Rose Hiller

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by milquetoast, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. milquetoast Senior Member

    I was curious about who plays Lily on Modern Family. There's not much information out there, but I did find out that the names of the twin baby actresses are Jaden and Ella and that Lily has her own twitter page (@TheBabyLilyPad).

    Found some pictures here: http://modelsearch.parenting.com/users/entries/332087 but I have to say nothing compares to watching Lily's nonchalant stare in high definition on TV.


    Ella Rose Hiller

    Jaden Rose Hiller
  2. milquetoast Senior Member

    Just had to share this:
  3. ema Full Member

    The whole I thought she was viet :( but she looked so pale.
    UGHHH stupid TV show
  4. milquetoast Senior Member

    From her twitter pictures, she looks Filipino or Hispanic.
  5. ema Full Member

    Check the fb page of modern family
    More lily so cute!
  6. Daria Guest

    i stopped watching when the twins were replaced. they were the cutest thing on the show. it jumped the shark with the new lily. from completely mum toddlers to 5 years old in one season? I dont' think so.
  7. milquetoast Senior Member

    ^I still watch it, but it definitely feels like something is missing. It's still a great show, but I think the change came too soon. Also, we now gaps in the story related to Lily's growth; this creates a bit of a disconnect with the audience, especially because she was so popular as a character.

    Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as "New Lily".
  8. ema Full Member

    yeah i love this show but without the baby lily, it's not the same. they made lily grow up too fast, i still love the show but it's getting a little boring.

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