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Laura Szendrei's killer caught

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The guy who killed her is named (removed, see my post below - FV).
  2. Forum Vancouver

    Forum Vancouver Administrator Staff Member

    I have removed part of your post because it is illegal to identify the accused person in the case at hand because he or she was under 18 at the time of the offense. While some of us may not agree with it, the law's the law. See the quoted section below for more information.

  3. dave

    dave Guest

    global tv gave away his identity when they showed his facebook profile
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  5. Conspiracy

    Conspiracy Guest

  6. ...

    ... Guest

  7. It is true his name cannot be said because he was under 18...but what many people don't realize.. is he was to turn 18 less than a week after he murdered her. I knew him, i went to school with him, it mortifies me to know i knew someone who was capable of doing such a horrific thing.
  8. droid

    droid Junior Member

    By now, if he is over 18, can he be named?

    Or he cannot be named for life?
  9. I've looked at Cluesforum and I can see the posters there really push the envelope in their study of government-planted fake news stories. But there's no doubt that these fabricated news items or psyops, as they like to call them, are a reality - and they are happening with increasing frequency at the moment. Don't ask me why - as pretext for changes in legislation, perhaps? You must have noticed Canada becoming more authoritarian in recent years. Visiting relatives in Manchester, UK, over the Christmas period, I can say the murder of the Indian MSc student Anuj Bidve really came over in a strange way when reported in the media (at the time, and it still does).

    I see the Cluesforum.info researchers have done quite a lot of work on the Anuj Bidve story, to demonstrate how the security and intelligence services may have fabricated the entire affair. Psycho Stapleton is probably not a real person, either.

    Have you listened to Alan Watt's radio show, Cutting through the Matrix? If not, I highly recommend it. Watt is based in Alberta and speaks on air every week day.

  10. anonymous222

    anonymous222 Guest

    I taught both Laura and the killer, who used to be good friends with my brother. Messed up way to start my teaching career.
  11. sss

    sss Guest

    Do you notice any unusual behavior from the killer?

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