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Arts & Culture Kooza is in Vancouver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by msadaghd, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. msadaghd

    msadaghd New Member

    For all of you that haven't been to Cirque du Soleil yet, this is the best chance! They are the best!
  2. mmagsig

    mmagsig New Member

    are there bad seats in the performance area?
  3. schoolgirls1234

    schoolgirls1234 New Member

    i have nver attended the show earlier...Is it really good??
  4. iamdesperado

    iamdesperado New Member

    Thanks a lot~~~
  5. Tak

    Tak New Member

    I totally agree msadaghd! I just saw Mystère in Vegas, and it was amazing. I am looking forward to seeing them in Vancouver!
  6. haidab

    haidab New Member

    Saw the show last night....it rates as one of the best!
  7. Jonesnitz

    Jonesnitz Junior Member

    We are looking at Kooza seating, but don't know where the good seats are. Obviously closer is better, and more expensive is better, but the Price Level 1 seats can be either at the side more directly in front of the stage. Does the side view make much of a difference?
    Thanks in advance
  8. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The stadium is a lot smaller than the diagram makes it look. Directly in front of the stage is better, but the side is more than adequate too! The only thing is to avoid sitting too close to the pillars because they do get in the way.

    Basically, avoid the pillars and don't worry if it's a side view. I sat in section 204 row K and it was awesome.
  9. canadaway

    canadaway Junior Member

    IS the show good for kids? for how old kids?
  10. melvin88

    melvin88 New Member

    Front sections are definitely not the best seats. Sitting back a bit close to where the sound technician sits are the best for the full theater experience.
  11. tony7711

    tony7711 New Member

    thanks a lot!
  12. taniae

    taniae New Member

    Kooza is fantastic. I think their best show ever. I was in the $80 seats and had a great view. I don't think it matters if you are on teh side or front as the stage is circular.

    Well worth seeing and good for the whole family. I want to go again adn take my 8 year old.
  13. taniae

    taniae New Member

    I think that the show is probably good for 7 year old upwards. There are some sections where the lights are dimmed that may scare younger kids and loud bangs.

    On the whole it is a fun show, absolutely amazing and worth taking children to.
  14. Chachi

    Chachi New Member

    It was an incredible show... so glad I've finally seen A Cirque Du Soliel performance!
  15. mahster

    mahster New Member

    I am waiting for Allegria to come...
  16. Yoda

    Yoda New Member

    I was thinking of taking my kids(7 and 4) to the show is it appropriate.
  17. asdfdoom

    asdfdoom New Member

    I am thinking of going...........was it fun?
  18. asdfdoom

    asdfdoom New Member

    Was wondering, from people who have gone, would this be fun for a 2.5 year old?
    did you see many kids there?
  19. gunpundun

    gunpundun New Member

    i've seen one of their show in asia before and all i can say is that it worths every cents!
  20. ken.macleod

    ken.macleod New Member

    Bit young I think

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