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Keeping up with the Dhaliwals

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Surrey 604, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. MikeGillis33

    MikeGillis33 Junior Member

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... what? Ha ha
  2. respect

    respect Guest

    ypu're an idiot there's a video involved and im not surprised of this shit ppl now a days are so disguisting and if u believe that everyone blames women without a thought, thats not the case beside's if u dont know shit its better to not say anything.
  3. Gobi

    Gobi Guest

    i fear the revenge of the pizza oven.
  4. gmark

    gmark Guest

    The video shows one side only. We know nothing about the state of their marriages. maybe they were in unhappy relationships? maybe they were swingers? The point is that no one in this stupid thread knows the full story yet they're not following your advice about "not say anything". the brown community should be ashamed.
  5. Mike Brown

    Mike Brown Guest

    What you are failing to realize is that these dumb bitches got caught. Yes guys do it all the time, but don't get caught on camera. So what I have to say about this is if your gonna do don't get caught period. Everyone does dumb shit and I'm black and even white people don't take their sister-in-law to Vegas to whore it out makes you really think how dumb bitches can be use your fuking brain.

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