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Joyce Station Skytrain track accident on May 24

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, May 27, 2011.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    A few days ago, a guy tripped while walking with his girlfriend, fell into the tracks at Joyce Stn. and was hit by an approaching train. The Skytrain was delayed for hours but the only reason given out to the public was that there had been a medical emergency.

    I know there are embargo policies that prevent any reporting of suicide incidents, but in this case the guy slipped (ie: accident) so I'm wondering why there's nothing on the news?

    In the Age of Twitter, I'd imagine that media silence can be a hinder because witnesses will undoubtedly tweet about what they saw and we all know how reliable hearsay is. If you search Joyce Station on Twitter, you'll find reports ranging from a jumper, a female to even a baby in stroller falling into the tracks.



    (Pictures from @BruceClaggett)
  2. Suzanne

    Suzanne Guest

    He was a good friend of mine and alot of others, i actually hear it was a suicide, his gf was there and we know it was :( RIP James
  3. lkyyun

    lkyyun New Member

    TBH, Vancouver has a really weak media which only broadcasts "news" that is already publically know. It does not unveil any flaws or conspiracies from the government or major corps esp. crown ones. Hence, weak, if any at all, in pushing them to improve. Yet, even after such tragic event, no news is published which can act as a warning in preventing future similar incidents.

    Such as in this case, crowded stations should already have rails at the minimum to prevent people from accidentally falling into the tracks.

    Check out the safety doors in Taiwan's MRT system
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    ^I don't know if it was Translink, TTC or just rumours but supposedly one of these organizations said that the reason for not putting in the safety doors was because the cost of putting them in was more than the cost of clean up and service disruptions caused by accidents and suicides (insensitive, I know... that's why I'm not sure if the statement is legit).
  5. Danish

    Danish Guest

    Suicide, R.I.P James (Munschild) Yavis
    What the hell were you thinking, you hurt the many people that cared for you and that poor girl you left at the skytrain station is scarred for life not to mention the rest of us that wish we could have saved you.
    I thought you got clean, i thought you were going to school to become a drug councilor.
    But you were always ( 17 years ive known you) an extreme personality. Its sad that few people seemed surprised.
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  7. m0e!

    m0e! Guest

    :'( ............
  8. Muns Mom

    Muns Mom Guest

    Danish: believe half of what you see and none of what you hear,, the jury is still out/ Please be careful publishing rumour, it can hurt a lot of people.
  9. bill webb

    bill webb Guest

    never met you james.... no matter what happened or why....i know your mom misses you ....bw.
  10. orotese

    orotese Guest

    someone jumped off the food court level at crystal mall last week.
  11. hwibc

    hwibc Guest

    I am always concerned about the crowded people at the platforms and have called transling to ask if just fenced track will prevent suicides and accidents. their answer was that everyone is responsible for themselves and it will cost the people more money to mantain the fence than what the people not using the yellow line there at the track. this is an incensitive answer from them and if we ask seriously to protect this they must do it. lets go pleple lets ask for what we deserve.
  12. ema

    ema Full Member

    ok, how hard is it to "NOT stand close to the tracks"
    i dont see why we need to adapt for someone's stupidity. im not saying that he is and RIP to him, no idea what happened.

    But im saying that if you're smart then you'll stand far away.
  13. lkyyun

    lkyyun New Member

    So basically money over lives =S
  14. lkyyun

    lkyyun New Member

    Skytrain is a service accessible to the public which includes children and people who are "not smart enough."
    Having safety doors may be too costly, but install fencing like the ones in amusement parks in busy stations should greatly increase the sense of safety.
    cheeseshredder likes this.
  15. M.M.

    M.M. Guest

    SHIT HAPPENS: crowds, slip, bad judgement, all the more reason to have safety first.
  16. ema

    ema Full Member

    Oh yeah, then you'll have some kid who decided to stick his head into the fencing.

    it's great that they're not going to make a fence for now, people need to stop assuming that everyone out there is just stupid and people need to start using their brains before they cross the streets. how many of these cases do we even have in a year's time. the only thing i feel that skytrains need are patrols to stop the rowdy people from smoking pot in the trains.

    i see tweens laughing and pushing each other around at the skytrain stations. how many events have u seen people fallen because it was very busy and they were all pushing each other to get on the skytrain. barely. whereas tweens joking around and all that shit happens and then one falls and they're like "oh he was a good kid" no one ever says its the dead person's fault. RIP but I still think that people need to learn.

    if u put your foot near the tracks, an alarm even rings so u really either decided to commit suicide or u're seriously stupid to have fallen into the tracks. the whole drunk tweens pushing each other around for fun. that's their stupidity.

    if u start spoon feeding every kid then they'll never have the potential to learn.
  17. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    "Shit happens" sums everything up nicely. The point is that these accidents are easily preventable.

    By that logic, we can forgo any safety features because people can simply "be careful and not be a dumbass".

    Let's get rid of all the signage and traffic lights at intersections, if people used their head they wouldn't get into accidents. Maybe that will teach people to smarten up. Amirite?

    BTW: if someone is dumb enough to horse around by doing something dangerous, a near death experience won't change anything.
  18. ema

    ema Full Member

    lol, then u start hearing some kid tried to climb over the fence.
    they should start adding a fenced off bus stop cause bus drivers drive over motorcycles and people fall when they run for the bus.
  19. ema

    ema Full Member

    all im saying is that every now and then u hear stuff like this and people go into an outrage like if people "accidentally" fall into the tracks EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY.

    WHICH people don't. yeah safety first but is this safety precaution REALLY NECESSARY when the money can be used for more important shit in the city.
  20. emanon

    emanon Junior Member

    I thought sky train had motion sensors that could detect if anything was on the track ahead? Does it not work when pulling into a station? I mean, would be very beneficial there with chances of people being on the track and not just birds. Why did it not work?

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