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Students Interested in BCIT?

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by elh, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. elh

    elh New Member


    I need an outsiders opinion on whether or not to apply to BCIT and any kind of information I can get! I'm interested in either the nursing or electroneurophysiology. I just cant find a whole bunch of information on either. Whats BCIT like? How is either course? whats the course load? job opportunities? residence? cost of living? how competitive are both programs? anything and everything useful or helpful would be awesome!!!!

    i'm currently in alberta, about to do a medical lab assistant program, and i know it sounds crazy to already be thinking about going back to school but i know i'm going to want to go back in a couple years so might as well do some researching. and i know i'm not the type of person to stay in one career forever!

    as well, one more question. does anyone know how Alberta high school courses transfer to BC courses?

    thanks in advance for any kind of help, greatly appreciated!
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    AB courses should transfer over, but you need to submit your transcript to BCIT to assess for equivalencies. See http://www.bcit.ca/admission/requirements/ under "Out-of-province courses".

    BCIT Nursing has a really good reputation in the province, but I'm not sure about how it fairs across the country. It seems like a tough program as I've known a couple of people that were kicked out. In terms of job opportunities and earning potential, nursing is $$$$. The province is pushing towards using nurses rather than doctors in many aspects of healthcare (it's cheaper and quality of care is argued to be the same). BC Medical Association isn't really putting up a good fight. However, everybody and their mother seems to be getting into nursing nowadays so things could definitely change.

    For healthcare tech and lab tech jobs, BCIT seems to be the standard here. I can't even think of any alternatives in the province. I do know that the programs at BCIT do seem to be longer than the ones in Ontario (eg: Michener) though.
  3. bcit

    bcit Guest

    BCIT has crazy wait lists for pretty much all the Health Science programs/degree and those lucky people who get in usualy have a degree from ubc or sfu.
  4. Joe

    Joe Full Member

    I went to BCIT. Got some work of out of it.

    Didn't think the quality of the education was that great.

    If comparing them with a decent university like UBC, I'd give them tier 3 or 4 status.

    A tier 2 Uni like SFU.

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