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infant newborn circumcision in vancouver british columbia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snipsnip, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. snipsnip

    snipsnip Guest

    we are looking to get our baby boy circumcised. which doctors or surgeons still perform routine infant circumcisions? our family doctor didn't really know and discouraged us but we want to do it for religious reasons. she basically used scare tactics and was super unprofessional. did you get your son circumcised? if how was your experience and would you recommend any surgeons to us? i also want to know if they use Plastibell, Gomco or Mogen clamps.

    thank you very much
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    No referral from a doctor is needed because infant circumcision is private. For medically necessary circumcisions, a referral from a doctor is required for MSP to cover the procedure. The Canadian Pediatric Society does not recommend neonatal circumcision. Make an informed decision with this pamphlet from BC Women's Hospital: http://www.cw.bc.ca/library/pdf/pamphlets/circumcision decision.pdf

    The Pollock Clinics are the most well known but they spend the most on advertising which is reflected in their higher fee. You are paying for a "brand name" circumcision which will probably not provide a better outcome compared to the lower cost clinics. With that said, some of the skilled pediatricians with lots of experience are retired or retiring. There seems to be a bunch of family doctors in Surrey who are now circumcising but I don't know how experienced they are. It may be wise to ask them how many circumcisions have they done and what their complication rates are. If they're not upfront about it, move on to someone else.

    Below is a list of doctors in BC that still do infant circumcisions. If you are aware of any others, feel free to post and I'll update the directory!

    Pediatricians (Newborn Circumcision)
    Dr. Bernard Anthony Behrmann in Richmond: http://www.drbehrmann.com/
    $275 for up to 6 weeks, $325 for 7-12 weeks. $10 cash discount.
    Retiring at the end of 2014

    Dr. Donlim (Don) Peacock in Vancouver: 604-875-1118
    $200 + $150 hospital fee (the procedure is performed at BC Children's Hospital)
    May have already retired

    Dr. Malcolm Kim-Sing in Burnaby: 604-433-5750

    Family Doctors & General Practitioners (Newborn Circumcision)
    Dr. Neil Lewis Pollock and the Pollock Clinics in Vancouver and New Westminster: http://www.pollockclinics.com/
    $445.00 for less than 2 months old. Price goes up with age.

    Dr. Morag Goldie in Surrey and White Rock: http://www.panoramavillagemedical.com/circumcision-clinic.html
    $300 for up to 6 weeks

    Dr. Tahmeena Ali in South Surrey: http://southsurreycircumcision.com/
    $295 for up to 4 weeks

    Bellevue Medical Clinic (Dr. Utah Zandy and Dr Ian Hyams) in West Vancouver: http://www.bellevueclinic.ca/Circumcision.html

    Dr. Stefanie Green in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island: http://gentlecirc.ca/doctor.htm

    Certified Mohels (Jewish Brit Milah or Bris)
    Rabbi Don Pacht: http://vancouvermohel.com/Mohel.php

    Rabbi Simie Schtroks in Surrey: 604-541-4111

    Dr. Neil Pollock is supposed to be a certified mohel but I don't know how authentic the ceremony would be.

    Urologists & Surgeons
    Newborn and Adult Circumcision
    Dr. Thomas Joseph Kinahan in Kelowna: 250-860-3842

    Adult Circumcision Only (Most Urologists)
    Typically older children (> 2 years old) or adults with phimosis, recurrent infection or skin conditions affecting the foreskin. Services are covered by MSP when medically necessary. Obtain a referral from your family doctor.

    Though not a urologist, Dr. Neil Pollock who is a GP also performs adult circumcisions.

    Prices are as of December 14, 2014 and may not be entirely up to date.
  3. snip

    snip Guest

    dr. behrmann retired but decided to continue doing circumcisions.
  4. ema

    ema Full Member

    Pretty sure Dr. Peacock has retired already, he was my brother's pediatrician and no longer has his office.
  5. Rabbi Schtroks is a wonderful mohel, he is super caring, explained everything to us, and does the job quickly, with precision. He does not use clamps or drugs. I heard great references about him before I used him. Btw his name is Falik Schtroks, Simie is his wife.
  6. Illona

    Illona New Member

    Dr. Isaiah Bregman is rated one of the top family doctors in Vancouver, and he's providing infant circumcision from his office on West Broadway... you can find out more about his practice at http://bregmancircumcision.com .

    I think that if you're looking for a really well established doctor, who will take his time with your son, (rather than one of those production line clinics) he's a really good choice. I saw one of his testimonials that the mom said her baby didn't even feel the procedure...
  7. Dr. Shai Bregman performs circumcisions and is wonderful. He is exceptionally patient and is really professional. He also has an outstanding bedside manner and really takes the time with his patients. He works out of Broadway Plaza Family Practice and I believe he does babies up to 3 months old.
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