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Idiots at Canada Post

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alex, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. alex

    alex Guest

    This is so unbelievable I had to share it; I ordered a couple of books at Indigo Chapters web site and put my work address as the delivery address; in the meantime I got sick so I am at home now (therefore I won't be able to pick up the package at workplace); I called Canada Post to re-direct the package either to my home address or to the post office in my neighbourhood and I was told: too bad, they will deliver the package at the given address, it doesn't matter if I am there or not (they will give it to whoever wants to take it), they would not send it to my home address or to the post office nearby where I can pick it up using my ID. The lady I spoke with (the supervisor) kept repeating like a robot: they have to deliver the package to the address on the parcel it does not matter if the person whose name is on the parcel there or not. Unbelievable!
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Might have been your CSR, I'd had them redirect packages before with no issue.

    My problem with them is when they don't attempt delivery and send me a notice in the mail a few days later. One time a family member went outside when the mailman was approaching. Guess what the mailman did? He ran away and basically took off lolwtf :facepalm:. Purolator was consistently the worst with pulling that stunt.

    Although... it's largely dependent on the delivery person too. A few years ago we had a postman from Canada Post that went through a lot of trouble to ensure our item was safe. He or she opened and closed 3 annoying gates and put packages in a cabinet in the backyard. The current UPS guy/gal is pretty good too. Most just toss it on the doormat even if it's in plain view of a busy street.

  3. orange

    orange New Member

    Service has gotten so bad that I get the "Delivery Notice" slip 4 out of every 5 deliveries (I was home, right by the door almost every time). The lazy-*ss mailman doesn't even bother to list the time he dropped by the townhouse mailbox (which is several seconds away from my unit). Even though it pissed me off that I was basically paying over-inflated postage costs for someone who was making a half-a*sed attempt at their job, I've been going over to the PO to pick up my parcels 4-5 times a month. I didn't mind it that much because the PO was next to the supermarket that I dropped by regularly, and the staff there were always friendly and very helpful.

    Last week, there was a new girl who refused to give me my parcel because my BCID was expired (I've used it with no problem whatsoever for the last 5 years or so). Fortunately I happened to have a working passport so I took the bus home and went back to the PO with it and got my freaking package. Today, I got another slip so I trekked over to the PO and the same girl was there. The b*tch refused to hand over my package. She clearly recognized me because she asked me if I had my passport.... who on earth would carry around their passport on a regular basis in their own neighbourhood/hometown/country?! Although the photo on my id was clearly me, the address on it matched the one on my mail and I was obviously the same person who showed her a valid passport just a week before, she refused to give me my freaking mail! I understand that she had to go by the rules when I first met her, but the only conceivable reason she refused to hand over my mail today was to be a difficult c*nt.

    So let me get this straight, *cough* Highgate Village *cough* Shoppers Drugmart *cough* east asian fat chick with the dead-looking eyes. I made the trip over to YOUR workplace because YOUR co-worker couldn't be bothered to do his freaking job and deliver my mail to my door. Why are you now demanding that I go through the trouble of getting a new id (waiting in line to pay $35, get a mugshot taken and waiting another 4-6 weeks) FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of retrieving what was SUPPOSED TO BE delivered to me in the first place?! The time period that the PO holds a package before sending it back is 15 days. Theoretically, someone in my place who didn't own a passport would be screwed. This is alot more time, money and effort than I'm willing to spend to simply get my mail.
  4. orange

    orange New Member

    correction: filipino fat chick, not east asian (the east asian girl who works there is very nice and helpful)
  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    To be fair... when they let you use your expired ID, they're doing you a favour. It's not something you should expect. Think about it, if you were a new employee, wouldn't you be a little uptight about the rules for a while? I don't have to show ID half the time at my local post office but only because I've gone there often enough to establish some type of rapport with the staff, but it's not something I would expect.

    I wonder if anyone's ever called to complain about drivers not attempting deliveries? It's pretty damn common, but I think most people shy away from reporting them because they have access to your mail and can s**w you over.
  6. orange

    orange New Member

    True, I was mostly pissed off because of having this happen on top of regularly going out of my way to get my mail. The girl was also rude and brusque when I went there before to send a parcel off. I have to say that if I were in her place and I recognised a customer from several days ago who had a valid passsport, I would suggest they renew their id and give them their mail that day (I would then ask co-workers about this the next chance I got). I've been going to that PO for nearly 10 years and the staff all know me; we make small talk when there's no other customer waiting. I explained to her that I've been getting my mail with no problem for many years and that she's basically asking me to shell out $35 and wait 4-6 weeks JUST to pick up my mail (she told me to contact Canada Post...). It seems really wierd to me that I need to make accomodations for one newbie staff.

    I'm definitely calling to ask that my mail be delivered (politely, of course). If my mailman is some idiot who retaliates for being asked to do his job, he can bet that I'll be filling out a formal complaint and raising some hell. Here's some links for other people who are getting screwed by Canada Post (be sure to try to resolve the issue with Canada Post customer service first!):
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  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Why are domestic shipping fees so out of whack? It costs more to send mail from overseas to Canada than within Canada :facepalm:.

    COLONEL KURTZ New Member

    I don't have a driver's license or a Canadian passport, that's a whole different story. I was faulted once for using an expired BC ID card with a different address to pick up a parcel but the CP clerk let it slide just that time. Since then I've been using my PAL (firearms acquisition license) which has a grainy coloured photo and no address on it to pick up my parcels. Works everytime at the outlets at Broadway& Commercial and 1ST&Commercial. CP clerks seemingly apply the policy at their own disgression or when the mood suits them.
  9. 905desi

    905desi New Member

    it's federal law ... they gotta deliver to the addressee ... no exceptions.
  10. Seashell

    Seashell Guest

    Anyone receive packages since the lockout ended? I'm getting mail but no packages.
  11. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    ^No packages for me either. I've been getting mail from the week of June 27, but stuff from before seems to be absent :confused:.
  12. john post

    john post Guest

    FYI the item can't be released without valid I.D These are Canada Post rules and regulations not the retail outlet.
  13. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... my experience with canada post has generally been very good ...

    ... items get delivered quickly, within a day, and it's outrageously inexpensive. there's no other service quite like it ...

    ... thumbs up to canada post ...
  14. mission

    mission Full Member

    Canada Post has done a great job and will continue to be my prefered shipper.

    This is how Canada Post delivers parcels. If no one answers the door, Canada Post leaves a Delivery Advice. I then go to the Post Office which is a couple of blocks away to pick up my parcel on weekends or after 5pm during the weekday when the Post Office is still open. Since I'm at work most of the time, Canada Post sometimes would just leave the Delivery Advice, this works for me. I come home, retrieve the Delivery Advice from my letter box and pick up the parcel at the Post Office.

    It is good that Chapters still uses Canada Post. Amazon.ca has stopped using Canada Post to ship books, I have not bought any books from Amazon.ca since they stopped using Canada Post. Amazon.ca now uses commercial couriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.

    The big problem with commercial couriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL etc is picking up the parcel. Unlike Canada Post which has a Post Office close to your home, for commercial couriers, you can only pick up the parcel at one location, such as a warehouse in a remote industrial estate in Richmond, somewhere far away wihout public transportation. Also the warehouse opens only up to 5pm during weekdays, consider yourself lucky if they open Saturday.

    So I'm thankful that Canada Post is still delivering parcels and Chapters.ca uses them as their shipper.
  15. Elmware

    Elmware Full Member

    I had one guy from Shaw pretty much do this to me when I was having problems with my internet connection constantly dropping. I watched him pull up from out of my living room window, and assumed that he was going to my back door, as I did leave instructions to go around to the back, and then I saw him walk right back to the van and drove away. I thought that maybe he was going to get some tools or something, but nope. He just drove off. I went to the front door and saw one of those "Sorry we missed you..." slip and called Shaw. They treat me like as if it were my fault and made me reschedule for another service technician to come out in another couple weeks. This time, I opened the window and was sure to greet the guy from my window as he approached the door.

    It pissed me off too, that I wasted a whole day waiting for this prick and he pulls this shit on me.
  16. Moe

    Moe Guest

    Guess I am one of those idiots at Canada post. Actually, all parcels are GPS tracked, meaning the scanner identities the very location you are at when trying to deliver a package. No Lc wants to have to card a parcel. It is easier to get a sig and go because if person is not home,you have to write up a card and haul the parcel back to the depot to unload. We would rather come back with an empty truck. If no sig is required it was because there was no safe place to put parcel. If a parcel is between doors or out of sight it is okay to leave. Will admit some letter carriers make a bad call sometimes leaving a parcel in plain sight. If a parcel goes missing with a tracking number or you complain the letter carrier will get spoken to upwards to suspension, especially if parcel is missing. Please don't put all carriers in same category. People make mistakes and there are bad workers in every occupation.
  17. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... ah, yet another vancouver-based theft scam! the postal worker says he/she deposited the parcel without a signature and then steals the parcel ...

    ... and yes, that would make you an idiot if you make admissions like that in public on the internet ...
  18. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    ^Vancouver-based? :rolleyes: This is something that happens everywhere.
  19. yup

    yup Guest

    i have a lot of my mail fowarded, and it always goes missing, or comes months late. It got so bad that my bank and credit card bills sometimes never came. So i new do all my banking and credit card bills on line. Canada post wonders why people are useing other carriers. Also when i order things on line i use UPS,Fedexpress,DHL, they are more expensive, but they arrive on time and most importantly, they arrive. When i call the Post about my problems, they are very curtious , and say a manager will call and an investigation will be done, but nobody ever calls, and no one does an investigation, i know there is no investigation done because my mail still goes missing. My forwarded mail took weeks to arrive, i called them about it, and they said they were 3or 4 days backed up. So i tested their 3 or 4 day excuse. I sent a letter to one of my forwarded address's and it took 4 weeeks!!!!!
  20. Dan

    Dan Junior Member

    " Think about it, if you were a new employee, wouldn't you be a little uptight about the rules for a while? I don't have to show ID half the time at my local post office but only because I've gone there often enough to establish some type of rapport with the staff, but it's not something I would expect."

    That's not an excuse for poor customer service (....... uptight with rules..... ).
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