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How did you find ForumVancouver?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ema, Jul 10, 2010.


How did you find ForumVancouver?

  1. Referred

  2. Followed some odd link :P

  3. Found on another forum

  4. Google

  5. Other: Answer in the thread :)

  1. helly604

    helly604 New Member

    googled some coupon codes and found this
  2. jimmyche

    jimmyche Junior Member

    google for kooza discount
  3. willy.is.osum

    willy.is.osum New Member

    Like a bunch of others, I found this forum on Google while looking for a promo code :)
  4. candygal

    candygal New Member

    from a google search!
  5. schoolgirls1234

    schoolgirls1234 New Member

    i hope the coupons will wrk for me
  6. kirkyuen

    kirkyuen New Member

    I was looking for a website with Playland promotional codes and apparently there was a link on this site. Last year there were a number of sites offering discounts. Unfortunately they have tightened up the rules because I have not been able to find anything.
  7. Jimsnoop

    Jimsnoop New Member

    Thank god for google
  8. barbiegirl

    barbiegirl New Member

    Same as others - Google - looking for cheaper Cirque tickets. Must say - it is a great site and will use it regularly.
  9. waaliu

    waaliu New Member

    I was just being my regular cheapo self and searching for cheap Cirque tickets in Vancouver, and here we are! I must say....this is a pretty awesome forum!
  10. Shiney Girl

    Shiney Girl Junior Member

    I was also searching for Kooza promotion codes - but now that I am registered I still don`t get how to see the codes - can someone help me, please?
  11. Jolene

    Jolene New Member

    im having the same issue trying to "unhide" the promo code..... :(
  12. mikesjo

    mikesjo New Member

    was searching about what seats are recommended for kooza then found this forum! Waiting to see the promo codes :).
  13. Carol Price

    Carol Price New Member

    I was referred by friends
  14. cococanasia

    cococanasia New Member

    I was googling for promo codes and stumbled upon it.
  15. Kathy

    Kathy New Member

    Hello, came across Forum indirectly when I was looking for some bargains. Lot's of information on this site, and others have questions I've had, so I can read responses and get in the know! Great tool!
  16. fmanji

    fmanji New Member

    Googled it for Kooza promo codes
  17. gnome

    gnome New Member

  18. calvaryvancouver

    calvaryvancouver New Member

    Actually I just was googling Vancouver Community stuff and found ForumVancouver. It's a nice site with a growing community! I like it! :)

    Earl Buchan
    Calvary Fellowship Vancouver
  19. abesamed

    abesamed New Member

    I'm staying a few days in Vancouver, and really like the city so I was trying to get some tips on how to enjoy this city...
    Thank you
  20. maddogd

    maddogd New Member

    Playland codes via google.

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