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How did you find ForumVancouver?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ema, Jul 10, 2010.


How did you find ForumVancouver?

  1. Referred

  2. Followed some odd link :P

  3. Found on another forum

  4. Google

  5. Other: Answer in the thread :)

  1. leena2010

    leena2010 New Member

    The daily group buys are good too.
  2. jeniccc

    jeniccc New Member

    i was looking for Kooza show discount code, and here i was!
  3. danabc2

    danabc2 New Member

    Looking for the Kooza promo codes :)
  4. galnexdor

    galnexdor Junior Member

    I was just about to purchase a set of Cirque du Soleill tickets for full price when I noticed to the left of the page that there was an option to enter a promo code for further discount! I Googled it and stumbled onto here! =)
  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Haha. I tried phrasing the post in a way so that it would be easy to find so others wouldn't have to spend an hour looking for discounts like I did. I almost gave up.
  6. mhlwang

    mhlwang New Member

    while searching for kooza deals
  7. graciemay

    graciemay New Member

    Googling for promo codes for Cirque Kooza show. Ended up reading about all sorts of interesting stuff on this forum...
  8. dano-99

    dano-99 New Member

    googled and found it on the second page of results
  9. julieg515

    julieg515 New Member

    I googled up coupon codes and ForumVancouver popped up =) Thsi site is awesome!
  10. langer

    langer New Member

    i was searching for discounts on local events and found this site
  11. seppel

    seppel New Member

    surfing the web!
  12. reddog_63

    reddog_63 Guest

    Forum Vancouver must be getting desperate and hard up for members. In order to see a promo code for Playland, I had to sign up and make 2 posts. i remember when it was a free for all and people posted all kinds of racist garbage and now it's gone the other way.
  13. Forum Vancouver

    Forum Vancouver Administrator Staff Member

    You're confusing us for another Vancouver Forum. We went online in late May.
  14. carousse

    carousse New Member

    looking for events in Vancouver
  15. Y2KEN

    Y2KEN New Member

    followed a link through google

    KWANZOR New Member

    Google looking for promo code
  17. ema

    ema Full Member

    I'm glad ForumVancouver is different than whatever site you're referring to. Racist garbage? We live in a multicultural society and I can't believe you go run your mouth like that. I'm glad you posted as a guest cause honestly, I wouldn't want you as a member of this site.

    That's my two cents.
  18. Forum Vancouver

    Forum Vancouver Administrator Staff Member

    He's likely referring to Discover Vancouver and I doubt he's one of the ones that posted the racist stuff. When DV was more popular, they had a really active forum that allowed guest posting. Moderation was practically nonexistent or corrupt.

    He's appearing as a guest because he made a mistake during registration and requested for an account deletion for now.
  19. duh

    duh New Member

    Google's awesome!
  20. darnoc123

    darnoc123 New Member

    searching on google to find coupons and discounts

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