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Fashion & Beauty How are the bras at Change Lingerie?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by missy, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. missy

    missy Guest

    Hi there! I noticed one of today's deals is Groupon - $20 for $45 Worth of Designer Lingerie at Change Lingerie. I'm wondering if anyone owns one of their products and if they can comment on how good they are compared to Jacob, La Senza, la Vie en Rose and the like... particularly for more endowed women? Any comments on price ranges and which store to go to...metrotown...cambie...etc... would be appreciated as well.

    Thanks!!!! :)
  2. Hi, for myself, I recommend a store called Inner Beauty Lingerie, which is located in crystal mall 2nd floor, near food court. Last week I bought their products and I think the quality is pretty good in terms of its fair price. Therefore, I recommend you can go there and take a look :)

    Also, I found the store is selling Dermal Korea Essence Collage Masks there too. Personally, I recommend that you can try those masks as well in terms of its low price ($1), and its quality and exceptional effects and features.

    Hopefully those information are helpful for you :)
  3. lwza

    lwza Junior Member

    I like Bare Essentials on 4th, but it's a bit pricey. Change has good prices, but quality isn't so good...
  4. ema

    ema Full Member

    Change's service is good and the ladies are really friendly and are there to help you with fitting and find the proper sized bra. The bra's are better than Jacob, La Senza, La Vie en Rose and Vict. Secret, so if you're unsure of your bra size. Go to them! Nudes are a definitely must.
  5. Erica Gold

    Erica Gold Guest

    I rank CHANGE lingerie in very close second to Victoria's Secret, product-wise.
    Service-wise, CHANGE is heaven. Nobody bothers you if you dont want to be bothered, but when you do want help, the salespeople there have been intensely trained or just happen to know everything there could possibly be to know about lingerie. I have apparently been wearing the wrong sized bra for 6 years.... You can see in photos when i started shopping at CHANGE.
    Make sure to join club change too-- i save quite a bit that way.
  6. They have great service but the quality isn't great. I bought 2 bras and matching panties. The panties fell apart (literally) after 2 washes and the straps on both bras broke within 2 months - not worth the money.

    I found a Canadian online store that just sells big bras and they've been amazing. www.butterflycollection.ca I think they do personal fittings too but I haven't tried that. I'm a 30H so I need something that really works!
  7. sara

    sara Guest

    I was just browsing my catalogue when I came across really good strapless wonderbra!!! it sounds amazing and has really great customer reviews! can't wait til it comes to try it on if it fits. It costs $70 so it better be wonderous for that price!

    lol but if it's as good as it looks it will be an investment ;), will let you know if it's any good when it arrives I've ordered Ivory Lace :).
  8. Jessica

    Jessica New Member

  9. Marie-Claude

    Marie-Claude Guest

    I have been wearing Change lingerie for the past 10 years. They are great because they really fit. I use to be a 34 DD, not very comfortable, but know I'm a real 32 F or G. They have from size 28 to 44, AA to H I think. They don't have that at La Senza and the rest. Plus they are affordable, from 20 to 40$. And what I love the most are the bikinis. They are in bra sizes! They hold like a bra! This is heaven for b..bies!

    There you go.
  10. moonray

    moonray Guest

    I agree Change can be hit and miss for quality but they do have a wide selection of sizes which is hard to find in Canada. I would not rely on them for proper sizing... use this helpful guide instead to find out your correct bra size.

    I order online from http://www.figleaves.com and http://www.brastop.com/ for better quality. I've also heard good things about Butterfly Collection. They do bra fittings through Skype.
  11. Stenli

    Stenli New Member

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