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Get paid to party! Job offer: Nightclub promoters

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by clubprince, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. clubprince

    clubprince New Member

    What’s better than partying for free? Getting PAID to party!
    Our company is an event planning and promotions company that currently specialize in hosting and promoting nightclubbing events in nightclubs in downtown Vancouver. Our company is expanding our operations and therefore, we are recruiting promoters to promote our events to their social networks.

    -be able to promote and attend our events 1-4 times a month.
    -be 19 years of age and over, with a valid government issued photo I.D.
    -be social, outgoing.
    -be able to expand your social network.
    -applicants with event hosting and promoting experience are preferred

    -VIP passes for every event
    -Absolutely no risks or any type of investments involved, if you fail to sell any tickets for an event, you simply don’t earn any commissions. (If you failed to sell any tickets for any given night, we would still like you to come and party for free)
    -Clubbing events are held at night time on weekends, so it does not interfere with school or day time job.
    - Every promoter will be given a chance to advance within the company to plan, organize and execute our events and to be paid a fixed wage.
    -meet new interesting party people
    -gain valuable sales experience

    Please send resume with brief cover letter to club.prince@live.com

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