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Favourite Burger?

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by Vivek Golikuri, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. My favourite burger is at Robert's Restaurant.

    In my hometown of Dania Florida. If you are ever there look me up and buy me a burger!
  2. Katty Chan

    Katty Chan New Member

    downtown Steamworks' burger is awesome too ~~
  3. squachburger

    squachburger Guest

  4. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Most burgers are simply too big these days!

    Most places were offering up "sliders" last year, but for many that fad is over...
    We'd often order the sliders and another appy and share!

    A couple times a year, you simply can't beat a good old BC (Bacon-Cheddar) Burger from White Spot!

    Miss the old Rodeo Drive In at Hwy #10 & 152....

    Used to enjoy Burger Heaven like 10 years ago now...
  5. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    The Lookout Burger from Stanley Park's Prospect Point Cafe.
  6. Bine

    Bine Full Member

    Is it expensive? I don't mind as long as it is good. I like the CHIEF SIMON BAKER BURGER that is served at the TOMAHAWK BARBEQUE in North Vancouver!

  7. lumix

    lumix Full Member

  8. Alex8100

    Alex8100 New Member

    Robert's restaurant and Stanley park's prospect point cafe,
    both are my favorite and good in this regard.

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