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Students Easy GPA booster courses at UBC

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by milquetoast, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Let's hear them
  2. Don't go to UBC but I am wondering what you are majoring in?
  3. Odo not Frodo

    Odo not Frodo Junior Member

    take phil 120 if it hasn't started already. avoid psych 100 in the summer if you're thinking about it, take 101 and 102 during the year. i would recommend clst 301 but i took it back before the new prof (shelley reid?) changed everything
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I took CLST 301 before the change as well. I hear it's still pretty easy to get a high mark, but you get assignments, need to know more words, and go into the history of roots/prefixes/suffixes a little more. Took phil 120 and psych 100 (unfortunately) already.
  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Since it's course registration time for UBC I thought I'd post some courses that I've had good experiences with. Not all of these are bird, super easy courses, but the class averages are decently high.

    EOSC 116, EOSC 111, and basically most of the first year intro earth and ocean science courses. I think they have a policy that these intro courses are strictly multiple choice only. I found the material very interesting and you get plenty of opportunities for bonus marks for doing attitudinal surveys. A word about EOSC 116 though, there's not that much about dinosaurs, it's more of an overview of the Mesozoic and a brief history on how Earth has transitioned (in terms of life, environment, etc) from past to present.

    EOSC 326 is the older brother of 116, in fact much of the content is repeated verbatim. It goes more indepth with the history of life on Earth and the different types of animals that existed.

    EOSC 116 & 326 both have videos. The exams aren't too hard, but Stuart Sutherland's sections require a lot of memorization (ie: know the written text/names on his slides, which shouldn't be too bad because it's mostly pictures). These courses are divided into sections that are taught by multiple instructors that vary from year to year.

    FNH 355 is a great course. You learn a lot about the different nutrition problems in many developing countries. The prof is engaging, but the exams can be tricky. It's not hard to do well, just don't overthink the questions. ie: if things are not mentioned in class or in the notes, don't take it into account or you'll get the question wrong.

    CLST 301 has changed quite a bit since I took it but it should still be relatively easy if you are good with memorization.

    PCTH 325 - team taught course, some sections better than others but the class average ended up pretty high. The sections taught by the course coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Shabbits were good. You learn a lot of useful knowledge about pharmacology and the different drugs. Dr. Goumeniouk's sections were a bit unorganized but he's super entertaining and will allude to exam material. It's all multiple choice btw. We had a concept map project worth 10%, but it wasn't hard to get full marks. The guidelines were very explicit in what she was marking for. You don't even need to decorate it, just make sure it's readable.

    Will add more when I remember.
  6. ema

    ema Full Member

    I heard that EOSC 114 is also easy.

    So, would you say that you would highly recommend EOSC 116 rather than 114 to a first year Arts student?
    I'm still working on my worklist since registration doesn't start until next week for me.
  7. andiamo

    andiamo New Member

    it's been at least a year since i last took courses at ubc, but some gpa boosters for me were: clst 301, path 375, eosc 326 and geog 102/103
  8. kunasako

    kunasako New Member

    I hear that FNH wine science is great, doesn't fit into my schedule sadly :(
  9. chuey603

    chuey603 Junior Member

    I was there years ago, but I remembered taking some Family Studies classes ... not sure if they're the same anymore though. The wine studies started after I left, although I heard there was a massive wait list to get in it!
  10. helen15

    helen15 Junior Member

    I remember people saying that the 300 level courses for astro was an easy GPD booster. I took Psych 217 and i thought that was a pretty easy course also.
  11. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The easy 300-level Astro courses are not for credit for Science and Engineering students though :p.
  12. ema

    ema Full Member

    I hope that PHIL 100 is easy. -.-" I dropped French.
  13. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Did you drop it because you felt like a nube amongst all the french immersion kids?
  14. ema

    ema Full Member

    LOL I am a French kid. -.-

    I DROPPED IT CAUSE IT WASN'T AS EASY AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. FUCKING ALL ESSAYS -.-" Too much work for me, I'd rather read Shakespeare.
  15. julie

    julie Guest

    EOSC114 is not as easy as 116 or 112.
    I'd recommend 112 because it's pure memorization, practice midterms and the prof will take the top 2 midterm mark out of the three.
  16. Rachel

    Rachel Guest

    Family Studies 210 - very easy, although boring
    EOSC 114 - Easiest course at UBC
  17. jenny

    jenny Guest

    i was wondering which prof is that
  18. ema

    ema Full Member

    i found BIOL 121 to be a good and easy course if you do the readings beforehand then add extra knowledge to what you understand so far by attending lectures. try taking it in the summer since class averages are a lot higher in the summer, my class average was 69% and I left that class with an 89% and some people got 95% too.

    even during the year, try to take it with Kalas, she's a really dedicated prof. if you go to lectures and post on vista discussions questions you don't understand, she'll answer them right away. she has snapped at some students but mostly those who don't submit assignments and whine to her about failing their midterm.
  19. Renee

    Renee Guest

    How should I take notes/ prep for EOSC 116? Is the final in person or online?
  20. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    ^I can't speak for the distance ed version of the course, but if you're taking the lecture based one from Stuart Sutherland: supplement his lecture notes with what he says in class because his notes are brief. Memorize details because his exams tend to have questions based on minutiae. With that said, it's still a relatively easy course

    If Sara Harris is still teaching part of the course, study by doing her sample questions because all of her exam questions were repeats with slight modifications (so read carefully).

    The last part of the course was taught by a graduate student so your mileage may vary. The one I had gave us maps with no explanations.

    What I've written pertains to the course several years ago, so things have likely changed. The EOSC116 I took was heavily based on the Mesozoic era in general. From the 2011/2012 syllabus, it looks like they've shifted the content to be more dinosaur focused. Funny because I recall they planned to rename the course "Mesozoic Earth".

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