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Dangers Of Glyphosate...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flutterby, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    Yikes! chemical weed-killer sold as 'Round Up' and sprayed on most crops that we ingest.

    'pretending to be Glycine...devastating consequences'

    'inserting into proteins (in the body) by mistake'

    21:35...neurological diseases correlated with ingestion of Glyphosate...
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
  2. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    8 mins: Glyphosate herbicide orginally designed as 'descaling agent' to clean mineral build up on pipes...

    20 mins: 'Glyphosate is an antibiotic'
  3. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    and how does this stuff or residues of this stuff on our food affect our body's intestinal bacteria? (Microbiome)
  4. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    More from Canada's own (heroic) ex government scientist explaining how Glyphosate herbicide works and why GM crops and herbicides are dangerous.

  5. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

  6. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    Glyphosate and liver damage....see above.

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