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Compass ONLY to access SkyTrain and SeaBus as of April 8

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Superchecker, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    It appears as though TransLink is aiming for April 8, 2016, as the date when ALL Fare gates will be up and running at ALL SkyTrain and SeaBus stations.

    To access SkyTrain or SeaBus as of April 8: Passengers will NEED a Compass card or Compass single use (90 minute) tickets or Compass DayPasses.

    FareSavers and Bus transfers will ONLY work on Buses!!



  2. bill barilko

    bill barilko Full Member

    Not so fast!

    Peter Fassbender, Minister Responsible for TransLink, says at least one fare gate will have to remain open at SkyTrain stations and SeaBus terminals until it finds a better solution for people with disabilities. (CBC)

    The provincial government says TransLink can't close fare gates until it addresses accessibility issues for those who aren't able to open the gates by tapping in and tapping out with a Compass card or ticket.

    On Tuesday the transit authority said the gates at its SkyTrain stations and SeaBus terminals will all close by April 8. It offered station assistance service to help people with mobility issues.

    "Our message to them is you have to assure unfettered access to every person no matter what their circumstance, whether they're seniors or persons with disabilities," said Peter Fassbender, the minister responsible for TransLink

    "If they don't have a solution that works for all of those people, they have to have a gate that is open."

    TransLink's station assistance service would require people with disabilities who aren't able to open the gates to call ahead and ask attendants to take them through.

    The regional transportation provider's $170-million fare gates system was originally scheduled to be in place in 2010 and has suffered multiple setbacks.

    TransLink argued in the past that it needed to install the gates to improve security and make stations safer for customers, and to reduce the annual estimated losses of more than $7 million due to fare evasion.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2016

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