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Compass Card

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Steve92, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Steve92

    Steve92 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm traveling to Vancouver in May as part of a Canada trip. I've read a lot about the transport and the compass card, and I think I understand it.... but just want to make sure.

    So if I buy a compass card from the machine at the airport Skytrain station, I can upload the card there and then. The card costs $6 right? When I enter the station (or is it when I leave?), $5 dollar will be deducted as well as my travel fare. Fares depend on the zones you travel in... and if I board a bus or any other mode of transport within 90 mins, it counts as one fare... hmm well that's the bit I don't quite understand. But any help to clear that up would be appreciated.

    Thanks :)

  2. richc3

    richc3 Junior Member

    Hey there Steve, hope you enjoy your trip whenever you visit. I'll try to answer to the best of my ability, but try not to take it as gospel since I could be wrong on some of the particulars -- hopefully someone can correct me if I am.

    A reloadable card requires a $6 deposit and of course you'll have to load it with funds. Alternatively, there are single use tickets also available.
    Yes, there is an additional $5 fee for using the Canada Line stations around the airport, but this is only paid if you tap -IN- from those locations or in other words start your journey from there, but not if you're tapping out or concluding your trip there.

    Fares and zones can be a bit complicated. On a bus you are exempt from zone rules all together and use the lowest fare rate, but if at any point you say switch over to a skytrain then you -may- have to pay zone differences depending on how many zones you cross from the start of your trip. However, on weekends or after 6:30pm no zone rules apply to skytrain.
  3. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

    I traveled to Los Angeles last month, it only costs you 1 dollar to buy a compass card, and the bus fee or subway fee is 1.75 no matter how many zones you go. in Canada everything is more expensive.
  4. Steve92

    Steve92 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for your responses. Richc3, that's great, thank you. Confirmed a lot of what I was thinking! Just a lot to get my head around, as it's a completely different system to what I'm used to.

    Really looking forward to the trip!

    All the best,
  5. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Hello! Yes, there is a use able $6 deposit on every Compass card. Think of it as an emergency fund.

    Zones are in effect: Weekdays only, until 6:30pm. No zones evenings; weekends; OR when using BUS only travel.

    You SAVE 22% over cash fares when using Compass.

    When you tap in at SkyTrain or SeaBus: You are automatically charged for a 3 zone fare. When you tap out you are credited any difference between a 3 zone fare and how far you actually traveled. Also: The start of your trip means you have 90 minutes to complete your trip.

    www.translink.ca/ wwww.askcompass.ca/ 604-953-3333. OR you can message me with any specific Transit questions. I'm here daily.

    SkyTrain runs until 1am Mon-Sat; and finishes an hour earlier Sundays and Holidays.
    There are about a dozen Late Night "Owl" bus routes all starting with an "N" that leave from downtown until at least 3:10am, with the N10 (Granville Street) & N19 (Kingsway) running even later.

    If paying cash on a bus: You'll receive a One Zone transfer only valid on other buses. Bus Transfers NO LONGER get you onto SkyTrain or SeaBus as of April 4.
    Compass Cards, Daypasses, and 90 minute tickets valid system wide.

    And YES: There is an extra $5 AddFare/Fee when starting your journey from the Airport.

    All bus stops have a 5 digit ID number. Text that ID number to 33333 and receive the next 5 SCHEDULED departure times from that stop. Scheduled and "actual" may not be the same.
  6. Steve92

    Steve92 New Member

    Thank you so much! That's really useful. It's good to know I can find out the next bus departures too.

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