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Arts & Culture Any writers on here?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Just_Jenny, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Just_Jenny

    Just_Jenny Guest

    As a budding novelist, I wonder if there's anyone on this forum who is also interested in writing: novels, poetry or even travel writing.
  2. MooGooMouse

    MooGooMouse Junior Member

    I know someone in the US who's a struggling writer. I can put you in touch with him.
  3. Just_Jenny

    Just_Jenny Guest

    Thanks for the offer. Is he on forums like this one? Really I'm just happy chatting to people online and sharing anecdotes etc. I was also hoping to discover Canadian writers, as I haven't had any luck coming across particular writing groups or forums. any ideas?
  4. MooGooMouse

    MooGooMouse Junior Member

    You could Google Canadian writers groups.
  5. Just_Jenny

    Just_Jenny Guest

    All very official looking groups that came up, but thanks for the suggestion. :)
  6. kelly22

    kelly22 Junior Member

    Personally, I like novels, especially historical novels. On the other hand, poetry is not my cup of tea.
  7. Jakob

    Jakob Guest

    I'm just starting out myself. Recently, I submitted 2 short stories to the Quebec Writer's Association which sponsored a writing contest. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I didn't win any prize. In any case, a writing contest does not necessarily indicate talent; just striking the right cord with the judges. :)
  8. PorterPromoter

    PorterPromoter New Member

    The Westend Writers Club meets downtown. You can google them and check it out!
  9. KelleyWebb

    KelleyWebb New Member

    One of my friends has been started her carrier as an English copy writer, she is editing a book there days for the Australian guy. So If you like her I can introduce.
  10. Vivek Golikeri

    Vivek Golikeri Active Member

    I am a writer and a poet. For a few years I have been working on a novel. Because it is not yet completed and copyrighted, I will not say here what it is about.

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