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Any teachers or recent teaching grads here?

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by SFU-PDP, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. SFU-PDP

    SFU-PDP Guest

    Hi, are there any teachers or teaching grads on this forum? If so, anyone have luck finding jobs? What are you doing in the meantime?
    PS - Surrey, North Van and Langley are accepting TOC applications :)
  2. beth

    beth Guest

    I'm 3 years out and no luck getting onto any TOC lists. Currently, I substitute at a private school and work at a daycare.

    I found this on another forum from 2002. Not sure how relevant it is though.
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I know people who were hired recently by Vancouver and Richmond. They've been getting called nearly everyday, so I guess the situation now is not like a decade ago. I imagine the school boards are doing a much better job of managing their sub rosters these days.

    PS: Vancouver is having a bit of a shortage for their supply list, so make sure your application is current.

    Here are some tips for those struggling to find work:
    Network. Either you know someone for a small push or you blend in with the thousands of underemployed graduates vying for the same spots.

    Timing is everything. Know when the application cycles are and keep your application up to date. Make A Future is a huge pain in the ass, but put in the effort!

    If you get an interview, practice like your life depends on it.

    Volunteer. I know it probably sucks to be unpaid and unable to flex your teaching muscles. Volunteering in a school just makes it sting more. However, it's a good way of networking and it shows that you are keeping an interest. It looks bad if the only thing you've done since your B.Ed is serving and being a barista.

    Apply broadly to all districts that are you even remotely interested in.

    Consider the private sector, but be careful with contracts and shady schools that aren't afraid to exploit you. There is a certain ethnic school that is notorious for sick practices. You should seek other opportunities first. The italics are a hint ;).

    Be open to moving (overseas, up north, rural BC, Alberta, etc.) but with a big caveat!
    It might sound like a good idea now to teach abroad for a year or two to earn some money and get some experience, but you can't predict what the teaching situation will be when you decide to come back. It might be better but it might be worse. You'll also have several cohorts of fresh meat that you now have to compete with.
  4. teacher

    teacher Guest

    fyi vancouver and richmond are short substitute teachers. consider applying.

    also does anyone have experience with bc muslim school? what is the work environment there? a friend was offered a job there but she's wary especially due to the poor reputation of khalsa school. i haven't worked in the private sector before.

  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Hi! I am going to share my story with you an it might help you in your situation...

    I have a true passion for students and have a strong desire to see them succeed at all they do! I have always had a love for learning and can remember the great joy I found in studying the more involved materials during my collegiate studies. I was a social sciences major and my favorite area to study would have to be early twentieth century American History. I also became very proficient in reading and writing because I had to do so much of it in my major. My college career culminated.

    I would never have imagined I could enjoy online tutoring so much but my experience with http://satistics-tutor-ca.com/ has been fantastic! Yes I work as a statistics tutor now but you can mail them and I am sure they can answer all your questions about work in the compony.
    People look for tutors for all sorts of reasons - to boost their chances at exams ... Tutors provide educational assistance to those who struggle in certain subjects. There are several job options for those who want to go into this industry. You can write any questions about work you have or ask your colleagues how they like to work with a company. I wish cood luck to everyone!
  6. Parnita

    Parnita Guest

    I know there is shortage of TTOC in Surrey,Langley school district,
    I have 10 years of teaching experience.I have applied to SD

    36 so many times for a TTOC position. But they never call you.
    So if anyone reads this please let me know how to come into their notice,
    Shortage means they should call experienced teacher like me to work as a TTOC.

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