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Another rainy day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LucyM11, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. LucyM11

    LucyM11 Junior Member

    In Vancouver...

    The one thing that annoys me about the rain in Vancouver is everywhere I go, I get attacked by the umbrella apocalypse. :eek:
  2. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

  3. compass

    compass Junior Member

    Maybe rainy week ahead
  4. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    If you are ever near Stadium SkyTrain Staion, pop into Transit Lost Property Office and ask them if anyone has turned in a black umbrella!!

    They get thousands and thousands of them!
  5. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    Thanks. Didn't know that. What a great way to get fres umbrellas.
    chrissy likes this.
  6. LucyM11

    LucyM11 Junior Member

    Thanks! I'll do that. ;)

    Then I can fight back. :)
  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member


    Someone took this a couple of days ago after the torrential rains that turned into a beautiful sunny day.
  8. LucyM11

    LucyM11 Junior Member

    I witnessed something this week that I've never seen before. Monday was a beautiful day in the Downtown Eastside. I was walking down Powell St. near Princess and felt a tiny bit if moisture drops in the air. I got out of the sun and looked toward the intersection at Princess and Powell and it was raining cats and dogs! The rain seemed to stop right at the intersection. On one side it was raining, but the sun was shining brightly on my side of the intersection and there wasn't a cloud to be seen anywhere!

    Later, I found out that they were shooting a movie on alexander and it was "manmade" rain. :p

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