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Adam Osborne Vancouver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mei Ling, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Mei Ling

    Mei Ling Guest

    Ever heard of Adam Osborne? Well, if you live in the Vancouver BC area, then you should!
    Apart from his ventures in the Cannabis Industry, Adam Osborne has two other noteworthy business ventures that make him one of Vancouver’s best and brightest. He is a family man and has accomplished more than most of us can expect to in our lives. Adam runs three successful businesses promoting positive industries, vital to Vancouver’s economy. His breakthroughs in education and commitment to the decriminalization of Cannabis should be inspiring to any true Vancouverite.
  2. VanCityGuy

    VanCityGuy Guest

    I have worked with Adam Osborne. Avoid this person like the plague. He's a con artist and has an ego the size of Texas.

    He has a tendency to use other people's money and when it runs out turns into a total asshole.

    Adam owes several web developers money and refuses to pay. He's a shady guy, if you hear his name, run the other direction.
  3. ApplePieGuy

    ApplePieGuy Guest

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